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Find Support During Your Weight Loss Journey

To those who’ve never experienced the struggle firsthand, losing weight may seem like a simple process. Cut fat and calories, and exercise a little more; that’s all there is to it. How hard could it really be? If you’ve found yourself caught up in the battle of the bulge, you know it runs far deeper than mind over matter. While determination and willpower do play a role in the process, seeing actual progress can provide the motivation necessary to keep forging ahead. This is where the true trials come into play.

When you first embark on a journey to shed your excess pounds, you’re filled with hope. You stare into the mirror, imagining what you’ll look like once you reach your goal weight. As your coworkers share donuts, you chomp grudgingly on carrot sticks. You hide in your own little space, relishing in the satisfaction of your sugar-free yogurt and turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread; meanwhile, those closest to you return from lunch with bacon cheeseburger lingering on their breath.

In an effort to burn more calories than you consume, you visit the gym religiously. Parking at the far end of every parking lot and walking the extra distance becomes a ritual. You feel good about yourself, and you even feel thinner. At the end of the first two weeks, you step on the scales only to discover you’ve lost half a pound. This is where the process gets to most people, and it’s where the support of an online health coach could mean the difference between giving up and persevering.


Perhaps you weren’t taking in enough calories, or you were turning to the wrong sources for the nutrition you needed. Maybe you jumped into your workout routines a bit too vigorously and didn’t allow yourself any room to increase their intensity. It could’ve been a combination of both elements. Either way, you may have sent your body into protection mode, causing it to hold onto the calories you were consuming. An online nutrition coach knows the right questions to ask to determine where your problem lies and can offer advise on reversing the situation.

Once you do begin to lose weight and gain the muscle tone you’re after, those notorious plateaus are bound to arise. Your online weight loss coach will provide emotional support during those times and help you learn ways of jump starting your progress. Everyone caves here and there. Your mind and body reach a point where you simply can’t resist that piece of chocolate cake or an order of fries. An online coach is your advocate, ensuring you it’s okay to give in from time to time.

Losing weight is a difficult journey filled with triumphs and tribulations. How you handle both is the key to success. Contact an online nutrition program for support during the disheartening times, encouragement when your efforts are at a standstill and praise when you reach those little milestones along the way.